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Since 1969, ADC BioScientific Ltd. has been designing, building and supplying infrared gas analyzers for measuring CO2 gas exchange.


Famous, single-channel infrared gas analysis (IRGA) technologies have been incorporated into devices used to measure carbon cycle through plant, soil and atmospheric gas exchange studies. Many “firsts için for the global plant physiology market came from Research and Development at ADC. They developed the first battery-portable photosynthesis system that allows experiments to move from greenhouse to field in natural trials. We have also developed the first photosynthesis system with microclimate control, which allows researchers to explore the photosynthesis process in more depth. We continue to lead the market with innovative, research-based analyzers for plant, soil and atmospheric research. They are very careful about transforming carbon cycle research with portable, accurate and adaptable devices.

Whether your research is in the laboratory, in the greenhouse or in the field, we can offer you superior ground gas flow measurement capability, whether rapid measurements or remote measurements.

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NF 048 Mikrolitre ve Hematokrit Santrifüj


NF 400 / 400R Orta Kapasiteli Masa Üstü


NF 1200/1200R Çok Amaçlı Masa Üstü Santrifüjler


NF 200 Masa Üstü Santrifüj


NF 800/NF 800R Çok Amaçlı Masa Üstü

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