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   Opti-Sciences, Inc. manufactures and distributes chlorophyll fluorometers, chlorophyll content meters and specialty fluorometers. It also distributes products from ADC BioScientific Ltd. in the US, and makes OEM instruments for other companies.

The company was started in 1993 by two engineers that had worked in related industries. Over the years, personnel with science backgrounds were added to ensure that new products follow the latest science giving us the edge in technology leadership.

Today, Opti-Sciences strives to make long lasting, reliable instruments, based on the latest reliable science, and the latest technology. Many of the original instruments, made in the early 90s, are still in use today throughout the world.

Input from the scientific community is always welcome.


Multi-Pigment-Meter MPM-100


Chlorophyll Content

Anthocyanin Content

Flavonol Content

NFI (Nitrogen-Flavonol Index)

A number of techniques are in use to measure MPM-100rk presentation simultaneously in proven ways.


Standard LED wavelengths:

Chlorophyll content: T850nm / T720mm Flavonol content: F660nm / F325nm Anthocyanin content: F660nm / F525nm

NFI: (T850nm / T720nm) / (F660nm / F325nm)


Other wavelength diodes can be ordered to suit measurement scales such as CCI or SPAD.



- Measurement modes include discrete single measurement and averages of 2 to 8 samples (mean or median). Unlimited measurement measurement with 4 GB non-volatile flash memory.

- It is intended to use chlorophyll and flavonol measurements obtained to determine the nitrogen-flavonol indicator.

- USB output: Comma separated files can be opened directly in spreadsheet software. Graphic color touch screen data display.


IFL Integrated Fluorometer and Gas Exchange System



   ADC offers the world's most advanced, combined gas exchange and iFL integrated fluorometer, the current chlorophyll fluorescent system. IFL offers researchers new levels of automation, precision and versatility in a compact and lightweight unit.

Despite its diminished size, the iFL offers plant scientists a research-class photosynthesis system combined with a unique powerful pulse-modulated fluorometer.

A single press of the display can start a few hours of self-testing. For example, a complete Laisk protocol can be performed with post-processing, followed by automated experiments to directly measure gm and Cc containing A / Cc curves. High-power efficient iFL runs continuously for up to 8 hours from a single battery charge.

IFL is the first plant physiology system to measure leaf absorption, leaf permeability and room leakage (Flexas protocol), and automatically correct errors caused by these variable factors.

In addition to providing the "standard" photosynthesis rate, sweating rate, stoma conductivity and intercellular CO2 photosynthesis parameters, the iFL provides additional parameters including:

Γ *: CO2 compensation point
Rd: CO2 breathing in light
(With Laisk, Coke or Yin protocols)
Flexas chamber leak protocol
Leaf absorption
Leaf permeability
gm: Mesophyll conductivity
Cc: CO2 at the carboxylation site
A / Cc curves
J: Electron transport speed
Fluorescence stress tests: Fv / Fm, yield Y (II) with multiflash, quenching tests and fast light curves


OS30p + Plant Stress Meter

   Unique, portable, pulse excitation device optimized for rapid screening of plant stress. This small, battery-powered instrument consists of a hand-held control unit with integrated analysis probe. The control unit features a colorful graphical liquid crystal display and a weather-resistant keypad for one-hand operation. Photochemical efficiency (Fv / Fm) and other standard measurement parameters can be displayed and recorded. To investigate the high resolution induction kinetics, OS30p + has benefited from the addition of a second measurement mode optimized for OJIP detection.

Internal memory allows storage of up to 160,000 data sets and hundreds of induction tracks. Data can be downloaded via the high-speed USB port. The OS30p + is the ideal fluorometer for detailed field analysis and training applications.

Lightweight, hand-held unit
Color graphics display
Integral fiber optic probe
Actinic light 6000umol
Photochemical efficiency and OJIP measurement modes
Direct reading of O, K, J, I, P, tFm, curve area, PIabs (Performance Index), Mo, Vj, S, M and T at Fv / Fm, Fv / Fo, 20us
Big data storage


OS5p + Advanced Modulated Fluorometer

   The new OS5p +, ADC: is the most advanced addition to the OSI Chlorophyll Fluorometer product range. Weighing only 1.4kg and offering 12 hours of continuous use, the battery-powered OS5p + is tuned to offer new levels of portability and performance for a field pulse modulated fluorometer. Both ambient light and dark adaptation parameters can be determined by OS5p +, including Fo, Fm, Fv / Fm, Fv / Fo, Y (II), Ft, Foq, and Fms. Photochemical and non-photochemical extinction coefficients such as QP, qN and NPQ can be calculated. OS5p + gives researchers exceptional control over each experiment. This includes source density, saturated pulse density, and sampling rate of up to 10,000 samples per second. A 735nm LED as well as a two-channel (660nm / 450nm) modulating light are provided for fod determinations.

Data can be stored on large 1 GB internal memory or on removable SD memory cards that can store thousands of data sets and tracks.

The OS5p + comes standard with an open-body sample clip with PAR and leaf temperature sensors. Yield II (II) varies not only with stress but also with ambient light and leaf temperature levels, so it is important to monitor them throughout your experiment.

When operating in high actinic light environments, the system can improve the accuracy of results using multiple flash Fm correction.

OS5p + has the widest range of extinguishing protocols available in a single unit. These include:

Hendrickson lake model protocol with NPQ
Kramer lake model protocol
Pond model protocol
Extinguishing the relaxation protocol
It is pre-programmed with OS5p + fast light curves to monitor the light absorption properties of the samples. Ideal for canopy or aquatic experiments.


CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter


   The new CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter accurately determines chlorophyll content in plants and products. Particularly useful for developing Nitrogen management programs, the CCM-200plus is an ideal tool for both research and teaching. The CCM-200 plus provides agronomists, researchers and teachers with reliable, reproducible and easy determination of chlorophyll content. Integrated data storage, integrated GPS module and handheld design make the CCM-200 plus the most efficient and cost-effective chlorophyll content meter on the market.

Accurate, Reliable and Proven
Integral GPS
Save 160,000 Dataset
Data average


FV / FM Meter The most affordable modulated fluorometer for use with             dark clips



   FV / FM is considered the gold standard for chlorophyll fluorescence measurement because it allows sample comparison in the case of the same known dark adaptation and measurements are generally associated with the measurement of photosynthesis. While healthy values ​​vary between 0.79 and 0.84 species, low FV / FM values ​​indicate that plant stress affects Photosystem II.

For specific results for different types of plant stress measurement, ask for a copy of our Plant Stress Guidelines.


Inexpensive dark adaptation clips that allow faster measurement of more statistically significant plant populations.
The dark clips provide the equivalent of a "darkening adaptation measurement before dark" at more reasonable hours of the day. It also allows dark adaptation for shorter periods of time during the day.
Comes standard with 10 dark clips (optional 50 black clip packs available).
The FV / FM track is displayed graphically.
2 GB of memory allows tens of thousands of measurements to be stored.
USB transfer of comma-separated files to Excel or other analysis tools.
The use of an optical probe instead of fiber optics allows Opti-Sciences to significantly reduce the cost of the device without compromising quality.


PSP32 İzleme Florometre Sistemi

   Yeni Optiscience Monitoring Floresan Sistemi, ilk kez, gelişmiş floresan parametrelerinin uzun süreli ve katılımsız ölçümünü sağlayan, çığır açan, çok kafalı bir florometredir.

Eşsiz, günışığı, karanlık adaptasyon mekanizması, qE hızlı etkili Xanthophyll döngüsü, qM kloroplast göçü, qT durum geçişleri, qi foto inhibisyonu, pNPQ fotoprotektif NPQ ve qPd fotokimyasal olarak karanlıkta, günde birkaç kez aktinik aydınlatmanın ölçülmesini sağlar.

Tek bir kontrol cihazı / kayıt cihazı ile 32 adede kadar ölçüm kafası yapılandırılabilir. Bu kontrol ünitesi sezgisel, menü odaklı bir kullanıcı arayüzü ile siyah ve beyaz bir dokunmatik ekrana sahiptir. 12 voltluk bir pil ile çalışan yüksek verimli sistem, küçük bir güneş paneli ile birleştiğinde süresiz çalışabilir.

Yerleşik bellek, yıllarca veri ve floresan grafiğini saklamak için yeterli kapasiteye sahiptir. Veriler, Excel'de otomatik olarak açılabilen ASCII virgülle ayrılmış dosyalar olarak depolanır. Veri alımı için seçenekler arasında WiFi, cep telefonu, SD veri kartı, noktadan noktaya radyo, Ethernet, uydu telefonu veya USB bellek bulunur (fiyatlandırma seçenekleri için bilgi isteyin).



Plant Stress Team

   A compact kit with a sturdy carrying case, a light-adapted Efficiency (YII) meter, a dark adapted Fv / Fm meter, 10 dark adaptation clips, 2 x rechargeable batteries, 2 x USB cable, USB charger and manuals.

Two research quality fluorometers
The Y (II) meter measures leaf absorption and automatically corrects Y (II) and ETR readings
The Y (II) meter can use a multi-phase flash (Loriaux 2006) to accurately detect Fm under high light.
The Fv / Fm meter optimizes detector gain and modulation intensity for best results.
Lightweight, white, UV stabilized dark adaptation clips.
Storage for hundreds of thousands of data sets.


OS1p Ultra Compact Chlorophyll Fluorometer


   This latest Chlorophyll Fluorometer reinforces ADC's reputation for specialization in portable research tools. The OS1p weighs only 1.4kg and runs on batteries for up to 12 hours on a single charge. These advantages make OS1p ideal for long-term research on many samples or where the device needs to be moved between remote area sites.

The device is operated with a large color touch screen, making operation enjoyable and intuitive. It has been further enhanced with ease of use, improved graphic presentation and a well thought-out menu structure.

OS1p allows a wide range of plant stress tests to be performed using the proven pulse modulation fluorescence technique. These tests include light and dark adapted experiments such as Fv / Fm measurement, quenching relaxation, and fast light curves. By measuring these parameters, Chlorophyll Fluorescence is suitable for investigations on the impact of drought, cold, heat, salinity, soil mineral deficiency and soil mineral toxicity.


CCM-300 Chlorophyll Content Meter


   CCM-300 is a unique fluorometer set for the measurement of chlorophyll content in samples that are difficult to analyze in a non-destructive manner.

This compact, hand-held instrument measures the ratio between chlorophyll fluorescence at 735nm and 700-710nm. This ratio is linearly proportional to high chlorophyll concentrations up to 675 mg m-2, the coefficient of determination being a detection coefficient higher than r 2 = 0.95.

In both laboratory and field tests, the CCM-300 chlorophyll content counter has proven to be very accurate in measuring chlorophyll concentrations from 41mgm-2 to 675mgm-2.

This new method has many advantages over old suction techniques. These include: -

Samples do not need to fill the measuring cavity, so small samples can be measured.
Samples do not need to allow transmission of the measuring beam, so thick samples can be measured.
Surfaces do not need to be flat, so difficult plant morphologies can be measured.
Kautsky has no induction effect, so measurements can be repeated quickly in the same area.
Small sample area, so that naturally occurring structures such as medium ribs and veins can be avoided.
Higher measuring range (675mg m-2 vs. 300mg m-2 by absorption techniques), so a greater number of samples can be measured.
As a result of the above, ADC users can now measure conifer needles, grass grasses, arabidopsies, immature rice and wheat, algae, bryophytes and lichens, fruit skins, leaf stalks, stems, cacti, agave and algae on rocks. .


  ACM-200 Plus Portable     Anthocyanin Content                    Meter


  The ACM-200 plus Anthocyanin Content Meter provides a quick estimation of anthocyanin content in intact leaves of plants and flowers. The measurement is fast, non-destructive and easy to obtain; allows researchers to collect reliable data that are proven to be relevant to chemical testing. It is not intended for use with samples with a high chlorophyll content.


Stores up to 160,000 measurements - Internal Data Logging
Anthocyanin Content Index images
Capable of calculating sample means (2-30)
USB output directly to Excel ® for comma-separated files
Lightweight, hand-held design optimized for field work
Graphic data display
Stand-alone operation - No. is necessary

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