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   Since 1969, ADC BioScientific Ltd. has been designing, building and supplying infrared gas analyzers for measuring CO2 gas exchange.

   Famous, single-channel infrared gas analysis (IRGA) technologies have been incorporated into devices used to measure carbon cycle through plant, soil and atmospheric gas exchange studies. Many “firsts için for the global plant physiology market came from Research and Development at ADC. They developed the first battery-portable photosynthesis system that allows experiments to move from greenhouse to field in natural trials. We have also developed the first photosynthesis system with microclimate control, which allows researchers to investigate the photosynthesis process in more depth. We continue to lead the market with innovative, research-based analyzers for plant, soil and atmospheric research. They are very careful about transforming carbon cycle research with portable, accurate and adaptable devices.

ADC continues to respond to the changing needs of researchers around the world. Our plant science devices are an invaluable tool to tackle global issues such as sustainable food production and crop durability.


Multi-Pigment-Meter MPM-100

Chlorophyll Content

Anthocyanin Content

Flavonol Content

NFI (Nitrogen-Flavonol Index)

A number of techniques are in use to measure MPM-100rk presentation simultaneously in proven ways.


Standard LED wavelengths:

Chlorophyll content: T850nm / T720mm Flavonol content: F660nm / F325nm Anthocyanin content: F660nm / F525nm

NFI: (T850nm / T720nm) / (F660nm / F325nm)


Other wavelength diodes can be ordered to suit measurement scales such as CCI or SPAD.



- Measurement modes include discrete single measurement and averages of 2 to 8 samples (mean or median). Unlimited measurement measurement with 4 GB non-volatile flash memory.

- It is intended to use chlorophyll and flavonol measurements obtained to determine the nitrogen-flavonol indicator.

- USB output: Comma separated files can be opened directly in spreadsheet software. Graphic color touch screen data display.


LCpro T Advanced Portable Photosynthesis System



Since 1969 ADC has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs). LCpro T builds on our proud history of developing compact, open mode, photosynthesis systems. This latest model includes the latest color touch screen, Lithium-ion battery, GPS module and compact RGB and white LED light units. The highly accurate 0-3000ppm IRGA is placed in the chamber, providing fast and stable gas exchange measurements. Despite the additions of specification, performance and functionality, the LCpro T is still extremely compact and light at 4.1kg The advanced Lithium-ion battery not only saves weight, it extends runtime up to 16 hours between charges.


PLU5 LED light unit for use with LCU-SD portable photosynthesis systems



The PLU5, LCi and LCi-SD is a compact and lightweight unit for use with portable photosynthesis systems. This removable accessory allows researchers to deliver up to 2000 umol of cool, white light to the leaf in the room. There is a separate control unit that allows the intensity of light to be adjusted in 10 steps from maximum to minimum. The PLU5 is powered by the LCi-SD console's internal battery, eliminating the need for additional batteries or external power supplies. LEDs are automatically compensated for output variations due to temperature change and a cooling fan is connected to minimize temperature rise. The PLU5 is fully compatible with all LCi and LCi-SD photosynthesis systems supplied since 2001.


LCi T Compact Photosynthesis System

The LCi T compact photosynthesis system is a significant improvement based on the hugely popular LCi-SD system. The LCi T benefits from the addition of a large color touch screen, integrated GPS, programmable RGB or white LED light units and multi-parameter graphics. Data entry and system control are facilitated by the intuitive touch screen software. Swipe left or right to switch to a different screen with measured parameters, calculated parameters, or multi-plotted parameters. The new, lightweight LED light units even provide illumination to all window areas of the room. The RGB LED light unit can provide 0 - 2,400 umol light, and the white LED light unit can provide 0 - 2,500 umol light. A constant, constant light level can be maintained for all readings, or an automatic light response curve can be performed to characterize a plant's photosynthetic capability. There are interchangeable chambers for different applications and different samples. With the addition of a 1 L soil chamber, soil respiration measurements can be made in the field. The system is automatically configured to measure an increase in CO2 and display the net CO2 exchange rate. The new GPS module can easily identify where the data was taken from by adding longitude, latitude, altitude and universal time data to each record.


AM350 Portable Leaf Area Meter


AM350 is a compact and portable leaf area measuring device suitable for accurate, non-destructive measurement of leaf area and related parameters. AM350 consists of a high resolution scanner and scanner with integrated data analysis and image storage features. It has a multi-purpose carrying handle for high portability and ease of use. The measurement of the leaves can be done on the scanner or on a freestanding flat surface. The large, high contrast liquid crystal display provides visual confirmation of the scanned leaf area along with the measured leaf parameters. Operation is by menu-driven software and measurements can be displayed in mm, cm or inches. The adjustable contrast control makes the AM350 suitable for damaged, discolored or diseased foliar applications. Using a high-speed USB port, the stored image can be downloaded in bmp or tif formats to commercially available image analysis software.

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